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The used MOCVD device reform and upgrade


Realfaithsemiconductors reached a cooperation agreement with one institute of theChinese Academy of Sciences, which is to upgrade the MOCVD equipment on flowfield, the accompanying hardware and piping to improve the uniformity and repeatability.


Before upgrading, MO source was injected into the chamber through a three-way conduit while the hydride gas was injected into the chamber through a two-way conduit. And epitaxial uniformity was adjusted by the flow rate of each path. There exist many factors affecting the epitaxial uniformity which makes it difficult to achieve the requirement of new process.


Accordingto the reached agreement with the institute of the CAS, we have provided a fullset of solution, upgrading and improving the used MOCVD by new hardware and reformed pipes.


TheRealfaith Semiconductor insists on integrating scientific research in Collegesand universities with excellent products and services.This has aroused strong sympathy and repercussions between the customers. And the customer shave fullyaffirmed our ability of MOCVD equipment design and reform.