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Guangdong RealFaith Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. established by the Guangdong RealFaith Group Co., Ltd. and Professor Gan Zhiyin’ team from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2009, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, manufacturing and service of semiconductor equipment. The company has been committed to technical innovation and filled the technology gap. Based on the success of the development and industrialization of MOCVD (Metal-organic Chemical Vapor Deposition) system, the company has diversified into new products such as CVD series equipment, sputtering, evaporator, ion plating equipment, high temperature vacuum equipment, on-line instruments and other products. Thecompany also provides technical support and service. The MOCVD system self-developed by the company is the first domestic production type MOCVD equipment identified through Guangdong Science and Technology Department.

The company consists of technicians proficient in mechanics, electronics, fluidics,chemistry,  electrical engineering and software engineering, of which over 57%with Bachelor’s degree.

The company is located in the Jingu Photoelectric Industrial Community of Foshan city, equipped with a sound R & D facilities and equipments. The company consists of  R & D center, clean workshop and a large processing center, which has a ability of research, design and production for the semiconductor equipment.